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Some Info on this guy:

Joe Pruitt    

CMI certified master inspector  
Washington state Inspection License: 977
Washington state department of agriculture: 86386
Mold Inspection Certification  81798  

Who is this character?:
I'm a guy who likes what he does and always strives to be the best.  I am detail oriented and very observant.  I have a child like curiosity to understand a home.  Always ready to climb, kneel, or crawl to investigate something.  And never without a wisecrack.

Where's he from:    
Grew up in Chicago, and worked as a handyman and contractor when I attended college.  This gave me much experience and understanding of up to 125 year old buildings.

Other places:
I lived in Colorado for 25 years.  Moved to Washington State in 2005.

Grad of ASU with a major in Mechanical Engineering and minored in Architecture.

Relevant home inspection experience:

Over ten years as a general contractor in Colorado.
Many years as a custom kitchen and bath designer and installer contractor.  Fifteen years as a general contractor.
Industrial Designer.
Master woodworker and furniture designer/maker for over 20 years.
Plumber and underground irrigation designer/installer for over ten years.  
9 years as a Home Inspector in Washington state, 18 years total home inspection experience. 

Other things:
Writer of published fiction.
Three black belts in Tae Kwon Do.
Owned and operated martial art school in Denver for seven years.
Hiker, snowshoer, Kayaker, runner.

Father of two, and a happy husband to a great wife.
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